Adopt the Syrian Revolution!

Adopt the Syrian Revolution!


Since autumn 2011 the organization Adopt a Revolution is aiming to target more attention and financial support on the peaceful part of the Syrian revolution. Because of its professionality in collecting and delivering the money to exactly those, who still keep the peaceful resistance alive, we explicitly support Adopt a Revolution. Here the reasons in detail:

Adopt a Revolution doesn’t concentrate on humanitarian aid, but supports the political work. It is stated that only and exclusively unarmed resistance is supported, namely civil committees organizing peaceful protest and helping in rebuilding structures of society which have been destroyed by Assad’s regime and the combat operations. It is also underlined that the Syrian future is only one without Assad.
We all can discuss about means and approaches of the revolution. The appeal „Freiheit braucht Beistand“, published in late 2012 in Germany, provoced a vivid debate. Action Syria – Tamer Alawam & Friends e.V. maybe supports more strategic possibilities in a revolution, but we consider the political work as one that is absolutely fundamental and that for it is very important to be supported.

The highest possible transparency is achieved by reports, in which every committee is documenting on a regular basis what exactly was put into practice with the donations. Published on the internet page of Adopt a Revolution, these reports don’t only show the results and the effects the donated money had, but also function as a source of first hand information.

Taking the security situation in Syria into account, it’s not surprising that not always the real name is used. A special advisory board secures that behind every alias is a real person in the right project. Thus trust is established on both sides.

Besides the financial support, Adopt a Revolution also wants to render non-material assistence. Spreading more and more detailed information from within Syria can help transforming the passive interest of many people into an active statement. Finally the transfer of knowledge and experience can strengthen the Syrian spring.

Do you want to help Adopt a Revolution helping? Support campaigns of Adopt a Revolution and spread the information. If you want to donate money, simply choose your favorite civil committee!

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