Hall of Fame


Action Syria – Tamer Alawam & Friends would never be able to do what we do, wouldn’t we have your support to count on! We want to thank you here explicitly once again!

Why not doing good and speak about it? Why not get support and tell others? We want to give you here the possibility to share your helping experience with others, and us not only to thank people, organisations and companies but also to honour others for what they did, what they activated and what they made possible.

Be part and write your experience as a comment! Thank all of you!


The Hall of Fame

in alphabetic order,

but never complete:

[ˈɔŋstrø:m] for playing his beautiful set

Bayan for risking her life in Aleppo as a voluntary nurse †

B-Lage for hosting our soli events and regular KÜFAs

betterplace.org for their simple tool for a save transfer of donations from you to us

DJ Batero for his beats and lovely energy

DJ Ipek Ipekçioglu (Eklektik Berlinistan) for donating her amazing vibes and rhythms

Feras Abed for co-organising the transport to Syria

Floss Bros. Buttons for making brilliant soli-buttons for us and donating them

Le Chaud Mic (Gelato Disco) for his fine skills on the turntables

Lien e.V. for sharing the donation program and help with bureaucracy

Mahmoud (name changed) for telling us about being a Syrian refugee in Lebanon

Matthieu Bourel for transforming flubbed sound into angelic voices

Naherholung Sternchen for hosting our soli-party

Paloma Bar for hosting our soli-party

Salam e.V. for supporting Syrian refugees in Berlin and helping us with all kind of projects

sansculotte for helping us with designs and creating our friends the sparrows

Slowlands for a delicious donation to support Syrian refugee families in Lebanon and Jordan with us

Steev Lemercier (WIKIMIXXX) for lovely music and beautiful vibes

String Theory for playing for us and donating their great music

Thomas Rassloff for his photographs from Syria and risking his life while making them

Zahnmedizin im Quartier 207 for generous medical donations for dentistry


Thank you!