Living in War

Living in War


We know the pictures of demonstrations and most of all of fighting scenes, of injured and dead people carried in streets full of blood. But besides these horrors, what does it really mean to live in war, being confronted every single day with the questions: Will I get bread after queuing 6 hours in a line in front of the bakery? Will I survive this day? Syria now is a country with destroyed houses, mountains of rubbish on the sides, people packing their belongings and escaping collapsing buildings and war zones.

The war changes people. While children wanted to be engineers or pilots before the revolution, they now want to be freedom fighters. Growing up in a state of fear, with sleepless nights and hungry bellies, seeing relatives and friends dying or disappearing, this new generation is growing up without a feeling of security, for almost two years without regular education in school.

Life is now. And the only promising perspective for a better future is the time after Assad, the goal so many people are fighting for, be it armed or with peaceful means.

In between all these horrors of war, the noise of bombs and shells and the fearful thoughts about the next moment, there are also these small moments giving people the feeling that they are alive, that there is life beyond fear and tragedy, that life can be different, can be full of positive power. These small moments let people go on living and fighting for their freedom. Change the picture you might have from Youtube and TV and get a glimpse of the people behind the numbers.

Come with us and get the feeling of what it means to live in war zone Syria.