Let your donation be doubled on 26.08.2016 from 3pm on!

Let your donation be doubled on 26.08.2016 from 3pm on!


You should be fast, because on Friday 26.08.2016, from 3pm on, Action Syria is supported by our partner for donation payments in a very special way! For any donation up to 200 euros that you donate for our project „Bring donations to Syrian refugees“ betterplace.org is going to donate the same amount on top! So you donate 50 euro and betterplace.org is going to double it to 100 euro! But: you must be quick, because there is only a total of 10,000 euro that is going to be shared among all projects on the platform www.zusammen-fuer-fluechtlinge.de – first come, first serve!

That’s how it’s done:

Go to our project page www.zusammen-fuer-fluechtlinge.de/projects/16369 or directly to the donation form, choose an amount between 1 euro and 200 euro, donate in the known safe way as always – and lean back happily!familyK_ghouta1

Spread the word, inform friends and family and do not forget: as a non profit organisation registered in Germany, we are momre than happy to give you a receipt of your donation at the end of the year, that will help you saving taxes in Germany!

Donate as much as you can, any amount up to 200 euro is going to be doubled by betterplace.org on Friday 26/08/2016, from 3pm on, until the limit of 10,000 euros in total is reached. Involved are all projects and initiatives that have come together under https://www.zusammen-fuer-fluechtlinge.de.

So let’s go now!

This is what you support:

In the last several months, we are supporting individual Syrian families financially, families that are often left alone without a father, who have fled war and destruction, have lost everything, have used all left reserves already, and are now living in temporary accomodations either in Syria itself or in one of the neighboring countries like Turkey, Jordan and Lebanon. Prices for rent and food have increased and are as high or even more than in Germany, while the opportunities to earn money are rarely existent. With our small financial help we try to prevent the worst, namely the loss of the last shelter. These people do not have the money for the dangerous escape to Europe, nor can they hope to find and rely on a functioning social system. They are very grateful for every single little support from you!

So, let’s go:

Put your alarm clock on Friday, 26.08.2016 at 2.55pm – donating has never been so easy and efficient! Join and help us to help! Thank you very much on behalf of everybody!