Update on the Donation Project

Update on the Donation Project

UPDATE December 2014: Many, many thanks for all your support and also for your numerous offers to contribute with your cloths and other donations, which we could not include so far. In autumn 2014 we made the last trip to the Turkish-Syrian border and delivered medical donations and winter cloths – more information about this will be on our page very soon. Unfortunately bringing donations to Syria in a direct way is becoming more and more difficult. Until we find a new way to do so, we want to point to an organisation called „Flüchtlingsräte“, which helps refugees who arrived in Germany in order to find solutions for bureaucratic but also practical problems. Contact the group in your area and ask, what you can do: www.fluechtlingsrat.de Many, many thanks again and keep going! Every support counts and makes a major difference!

UPDATE February 2014: This donation project is accomplished! We are very happy to inform you that the donated cloths and the medical gear have reached their destination in Syria, together with an ambulance we were able to buy with your help. Here you can find the thrilling story: On the Way to Syria. Many, many thanks for all your support! We hope that we can start the next project very soon and will keep you here up to date!


Join us now! We are still collecting donations of cloths for Syrian refugees in the surrounding camps!

Sorting the donations for the container to Lebanon, Berlin 21.12.2013
For the update on the donation project please read here the first call for action with additional information.

On Saturday we brought all the donations so far to Lien e.V. in Ullsteinstraße, Berlin. Many, many thanks to all donators, assemblers and helpers!

As soon as enough cloths, shoes and the money for the shipment are collected, the next delivery will be sent to Lebanon in order to help Syrian refugees directly to survive this winter. Donations are very welcome for that purpose to Lien e.V. with the subject „Container“!

That’s how you find Lien e.V.: Go straight through the gate, at the end right and then right again.

The next fixed date to assemble all the donations is Friday, 27.12.2013 2pm in Ullsteinstraße 73, 12109 Berlin. Every jacket, every pullover, each and every pair of shoes makes a huge difference! Many, many thanks in advance for your active support!

What’s going to happen next?

When the container is full we will continue collecting your donations and send them as parcels and with a bus directly to Antakya, Turkey. We will give these donations to the people in the refugee camps on the border to Syria as well as to people inside Syria. Also for this step we count on your generosity and will be happy about your donations, be it cloths and shoes or money! For the later you find here an easy way to donate either for a specific step in our goal or the project itself on bei betterplace.org.

Make a very special gift: Give your support!

People most of all are in need of warm cloths for babys and kids and shoes in all different sizes. Come directly to Ullsteinstraße on 27.12.2013 or contact us to find another solution! Share your informations and our project with the flyers on one page or two on one page .

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Many, many thanks for your donation and merry Christmas!

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  1. Wo kann ich Kleiderspende in Regensburg für Flüchtlinge abgeben?

    Where in Regensburg can i bring clothing donations for the Refugees?

    Beaten dank
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