Medical Donations – We Start In October!

Medical Donations – We Start In October!


AufrufMedizinischeSpendenOKTOBER_web Here we go! We are in the final phase of all preparations and want to keep you up-to-date while also showing you, how to join and support the project. In October 2014 the new convoy will start from Berlin and brings medical donations to the Turkish-Syrian border, from where the vehicles with their load will be brought to Aleppo, Syria, by the safest way possible. You can find the call for action in German here.

Over the next days we want to give you some ideas, how you can support our cause in generel but also how to join our convoy with medical donations right away:

Tip 1: Delicious vegan Arabic food in Berlin!
Come and join us in B-Lage, Mareschstraße 1, 12055 Berlin Neukölln. Every second Wednesday each month we cook delicious vegan Arabic food for you. With the earnings we cover expenses for petrol and the vehicles. Next date: October 8th, 8pm.

Tip 2: Copy this text and send it in an e-mail to friends and family:
Copy this text and send it in an e-mail to friends and family:

Hi everybody!

I’m writing you today, because I need your help in an important matter:

The situation in Syria is disastrous and no betterment or even any kind of relief of the consequences of the ongoing war for civilians in sight. Since March 2011 people are asking for a life in dignity, the protection of Human Rights and democratic reforms. The answers are bombs and shells everywhere, in residential areas as well as purposefully on hospitals. The medical care and the supply of even simple things as bandaging material is not given anymore.

Therefore help ud from Action Syria – Tamer Alawam & Friends e.V. to help! And that’s how it works:

1. Support our partner project 3433 – The Road to Syria on

2. Do you know somebody who works in the medical field and can help us to get used medical equipment as donation for Syria? That can be throughouts that can’t be used here anymore for legal reasons but are still working or even left over bandaging material. Please forward this e-mail or bring us in contact ( Our contacts in hospitals in Aleppo gave us a list if things that are most needed:
anaesthetic machine
ECG monitoring
ultrasound heart scan
portable x-ray
operating tables and lights
patient beds

You find our call to action in German online here:

3. You want to get rid of your old station wagon? You would prefer not paying through all winter for your lovely but somehow now useless camper or bus? Contact us – we are still looking for roadworthy vehiles for the transport to Syria – we happily accept quirks and faults as long as it’s moving! Write us an e-mail:

4. Simple but very efficient – donate money:

Many, many thanks and all the best!
Action Syria – Tamer Alawam & Friends e.V.

Tip 3: Don’t look away!

It’s two years now that Tamer Alawam died in the hospital after being injured on the front line of Aleppo. Since September 9th 2012 there is no day that I don’t remember him, that I don’t see him in my mind’s eye, that I don’t hear his voice in my ears. tamer_sarg

This very personal connection to this fatality makes it very easy for me to not look away. Actually, Tamer Alawam is only one of 200.000 cases of death since the protests against dictator Bashar al-Assad started in the beginning of the year 2011. Moreover, according to statements of the UNHCR more than 3 million of Syrians left the country, while estimated 9 million people are refugees within Syrian borders, fleeing prosecution and destruction. But: Who can grasp these numbers?

Syria has according to official numbers about 22 million inhabitants. This means that about 15% of Syrians fled their own country and almost half of all inhabitants were forced to leave their homes and are trying to find protection in other cities and areas within Syrian borders – under conditions that are questioning the surviving on a daily basis.

tamer_grabComparing this situation with Germany would mean, that, only regarding the absulut numbers, whole Berlin flees in foreign countries. Comparing Syria and Germany in relation to their seize, this would mean that all inhabitants of the biggest cities of Germany flee Germany: Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Cologne, Frankfurt (Main), Stuttgart, Düsseldorf, Dortmund, Essen, Bremen, Dresden and the biggest part of Leipzig.

Or: all inhabitants of Bavaria try to find rescue in nearby foreign countries while all inhabitants of the so called „old“ federal states besides Baden Württemberg flee to the area of the „new“ ones in eastern Germany, trying to find some kind of roof, water and basic food.

tamer_grabsteinEven this is a very abstract picture. Because at the end it’s not about cities or areas – it’s all about lives, it’s about every single fate, about every single wound and the left scar, about every pain, every loss, about every sigh, about every shed tear of the ones staying behind, about every moment in fear of the next day.

Don’t look away! Inform yourself and speak about it with others. Eventhough you might think that you can’t do anything yourself – look closely and give the people in Syria your voice in your country!

Tip 4: You are in Berlin? Don’t miss this!

Big fundraising party for 3433 – The Road to Syria

on Thursday, September 25th 2014
in Mio’l, Muskauer Straße 15, Berlin Xberg
Doors open 6pm!

That’s going to happen:

Projection of the movie „The beauty of Syria“ – Documentary by Tamer Alawam about life in Syria and Damascus before the war *** Comedy Show by Toby Arsalan, Reece McLaughlin, Daniel Louis Vezza and Stefan Danziger ( Toby Arsalan is a German-Pakistani comedian living and performing in Berlin. He grew up in Germany, Syria, South Africa and Pakistan. He enjoys comedy, gangster rap, and nutella. *** The Syrian Rapper Abo Hajar (, *** DJ Johannes Trift ( *** Plus: selection of photos from Syria before, during and after the revolution!

Here the link to the event – See you there!

Tip 5: Inform yourself!

Besides the news to go by the commercial media one can also find numerous groups and organisations of different sizes that not only want to inform, but also to shed ligt on the background and to show and explain links. In the case of Syria we want to point out Adopt a Revolution to you, an organisation that pursues all the aims above and furthermore supports political projects and the civil society in Syria. Just now they published an information sheet about the Islamic State, that is also available for downloading in German: Wer ist IS(IS)? – Hintergründe im Factsheet “ISIS in Syrien”