Donate for Action Syria

Donate for Action Syria


After the first successful delivery of donated cloths and medical equipment, such as surgical cutlery and prostheses, in a donated car and a bought ambulance in February 2014, we brought vehicles full of donated medical supply and cloths together with the project „3433 – The Road to Syria“ to the Turkish-Syrian border autumn 2015.

The difficult security situation within Syria but also at the border has led us to the decision at the moment that we cannot bring any transport safely to its destination. Instead, we would like to turn our attention to another topic in the next few weeks: supporting Syrian refugee families in Lebanon, Turkey or Jordan paying their rent.

The average rent for a simple and small 2 bedroom apartment in Lebanon is $ 450. A family of five needs at least $ 30 a day for food alone. In total, a family of five needs at least $ 1,300 a month to survive – this does not include medical expenses, winter clothing or varied and healthy food. It just enables survival.

With your support, we would like to help individual hardship cases. We focus on families of widowed mothers who have no income and are simply dependent on the help of others. Through our contacts, we ensure that the money arrives right there and without detours or additional costs.

We have two options to donate for you:

Either you transfer money directly on our bank account:

Action Syria- Tamer Alawam
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You can also use our account on

Either way, we are a registered non-profit association by German law and are very happy to provide you with an official donation receipt. Just let us know, for example per e-mail (hello at

Please support us and help us to help.
Many, many thanks for your kind donation!